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Collegiate Presbyterian Church is flourishing congregation of about 500 members located just west of the Iowa State University campus in Ames, Iowa. “CPC” is sometimes referred to as a “university church.” And so it is. Ministry to Iowa State faculty, staff and especially to students forms a core part of our mission. Yet, from the very beginning CPC has heard God’s call to be a “town and gown” congregation; seeking to be “a combination of student and community church in which in every essential respect the work is absolutely coordinate.” 1
1 Dean R. E. Buchanan in 1917. 


The mission of Collegiate Presbyterian Church is:

To worship and serve God
with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. We believe that God’s grace engages the whole person– body, mind, and spirit.
To welcome all people to the community of Christ
whatever your age, income, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe Christ’s love is a gift for all to share in an environment of worship, freedom, and mutual support.
To grow in faith
through worship, education, companionship, and service. We believe the spiritual life is a journey of growth in Christ, and we are guided by scripture, the Spirit, and the communion we share as disciples of Jesus.
To live Christ’s love for the world
through service to our neighbors, our community, the nation and the world. We seek to embrace Christ’s vision of peace and justice in every aspect of our lives.


Collegiate’s core values include:

  • Offering inspiring worship which combines excellent music and thoughtful preaching in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Being a supportive church family for university students who are away from home.
  • Focusing all church programs and activities on the goal of making disciples in service of Jesus Christ.
  • Finding ways for every member to identify and use their spiritual gifts in the church, home, workplace and community.
  • Approaching Scripture, theology, and current issues with a “thinking faith.”
  • Emphasizing spiritual formation for children and youth as young disciples of Christ.
  • Being actively engaged in the Ames community, both by funding human service ministries and through the civic leadership of our members.
  • Offering our church building as a home to many community groups.

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